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Brandy is a wife, follower of Jesus, homeschool mom and time management coach.

She is the host of a top 2.5% globally ranked podcast, The Nourished Mom, where she talks about homeschool mom life and balancing 'all the things'.

Brandy is passionate about helping other homeschool moms create a balanced, peaceful and efficient homeschool through personalized time management systems, biblical priorities and routine strategies.

Brandy enjoys hiking, reading, playing with the kids, boardgames with her family and a warm cup of tea.

Topic Suggestions

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Your Homeshcool Days

Top 3 Time Mangement Strategies for Busy Moms

Simple Habits & Routines that Will Transform Your Homeschool

Finding Time for Real Self Care - The Nourished Necessities

Be a More Patient Mom By Renewing Your Mind with Biblical Truth


Please give Brandy at least 72-hours notice of recording time details, including any potential questions you want her to be prepared for.

If you have scheduling conflicts, please email Brandy@TheNourishedMom as soon as possible.

Please note that Brandy is only available for 40-minute time increments. If you have a scheduling need that differs from this, let us know - we are happy to discuss accommodating your request.
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Thank You!

I look forward to connecting with you!

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