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Home pre-school education

Hey Mama!​

Are you READY to create the homeschool you've been dreaming of...

To BREAK FREE from how you 'should' be homeschooling and do it the way God is calling you to...

Learning Pod

Imagine If...

Without Stressing or Rushing

Your Days Felt

You Had More Time to RELAX & ENJOY Your Days

Mama, There is a Way! It's Time to Step into the Blessed Life  that God Has Planned for Your Homeschool Family with the
Revival Homeschool Course!

Get Clear...

On exactly what YOUR family needs to THRIVE



Learn effective time manaegment strategies


ROUTINES  & Habits that will PRIORITIZE what's important to you


Your step-by-step plan to stay consistent & live out your God-given vision

Finding Freedom is going to be easier than you think! 

It's Time to Get a Vision & Finally Live it Out
With a Step-by-Step Process to Balance Your Responsibilities, Pour Into Your Kids and Be
Effective as a Homeschool Mom!


Here's How it Works...

Get Clear

Module 1

Get Strategic

Module 2

What is God Calling YOUR Homeschool to Look Like?

Manage Your Time Effectively 

  • Hearing from God in Prayer
  • Establishing YOUR Priorities
  • Develop a God-led Vision
  • Family Mission Statement & Pledge
  • Effective Time Management Strategies
  • Steps of an Effective Routine
  • The Power of Habit
  • Techiniques to Overcome Distraction (for you & the kids)
  • Practically Apply it to YOUR Homeschool


Module 3

Habits & Routines that Help You Live Out YOUR Calling.

  • Step-by-Step Formula to Systemize Your Cleaning & Chores
  • Customized Homeschool Routines that Work for YOUR Kids
  • Effective System to Manage To-Do's


Module 4

Practice & Perfect it with Community & Support

  • Evaluate Your New Routines
  • Revise Your Routines
  • Trouble Shoot
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