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Strategies to Build a Christ-Centered,
Productive, Peaceful Homeschool

  • Simple Routines

  • Effective Parenting Strategies

  • Biblical Application

  • Spiritual Growth

Homeschooling Can Be Overwhelming... BUT It Doesn't Have To Be!

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Do you want a peaceful, successful homeschool but instead feel overwhelmed and unproductive?

Do you want to enjoy homeschooling  but instead spend your days in a power struggle over schoolwork?

Are you burnt out trying to balance your responsibilities and figure it all out on your own?

Are You Ready to Try a New Way?!

"At Revival Homeschool, my goal is to equip you with biblical knowledge, time management skills, & parenting strategies that will strengthen your homeschool."
Brandy Coffin: Founder of Revival Homeschool &
Christian Coach for Homeshool Moms

"Homeschooling is complicated... It's demanding, stressful, exhausting and beautiful all at the same time! I'm passionate about helping you find true peace through the chaos by partnering with Jesus to get a vision for your homeschool &  implement new routines and strategies to step into the good plans God has for your homeschool."
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